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Yamaha MT 07

Yamaha MT-07 Terbaru 700cc

After the mid-2013 Yamaha released MT-09/FZ-09 ago , is now in the event the EICMA Milan 2013 is Yamaha's ongoing re- release it with a smaller engine version of the MT - 07 . Curious ?
Moge with engine capacity of precisely this type of 689cc naked sport - bike with sister previous alias , MT-09/FZ-09 . Projected as a moge for Europe and America , the more complete the MT - 07 Yamaha MT family .
Turing reliability bulldoze tracks powered by a parallel twin 2 - cylinder that can generate power of 74 hp with the torque reaches 67.8 Nm . Where the numbers can achieved in a matter of a relatively low engine speed , meaning that the MT- 07 is still possible has better performance .
Yamaha MT - 07 MT - 07 2014 2014Yamaha
By design , it is generally about the same as his brother . The difference lies in the headlamp design , central body and the stern . Among a large tank models , cross machine large, highly visible radiator and exhaust pipe model and silincer who meet together to make an impression kolongnya MT - 07 is more ' solid' and stocky .
Yamaha MT - 07 MT - 07 2014 2014Yamaha
Until we submit this news , there has been no further confirmation from Yamaha regarding pricing and specification data engine. How Bro , more curious is not it? So , ya see continued development .


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